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Welcome to the Nova Scotia Association of Garden Clubs (NSAGC). We are over 60 clubs strong, representing gardeners right across our province. All of us at NSAGC are volunteers who are enthusiastic gardeners interested in encouraging and supporting our fellow gardeners. We aim to promote gardening activities, share our know-how with new gardeners and create opportunities to enjoy each other's company.

Our logo features the trailing arbutus, more commonly known as the Mayflower. It is not only the provincial flower of Nova Scotia but a flower which is indigenous to our woodlands. It emerges just as the snows are receding from our forests in early spring. It has delicate white and pink blooms with a heady, sweet fragrance.

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The province is divided into 8 NSAGC Districts, with each district being overseen by a District Director. The District Directors are the link between the garden clubs and the NSAGC Board and as such they represent their clubs as members of the Board.


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