NSAGC Annual Plant Giveaway

Promoting Gardening through Association

Every member of an NSAGC garden club is given a complimentary plant as a perk of membership with the NSAGC. Every year, the Board of Directors votes on the plant selection based on supplier availability and purchases the plants in bulk.

This year brings a change as the plants give-away will be in the form of young plants, approximately 2" in size, opposed to the traditional bareroots given in previous years. In addition to the complimentary plant, the NSAGC also offers its clubs the opportunity to purchase additional plants at a low fee.

2022 Plant Giveaway Selection!

The perennial selected for 2022 is Balloon Flower "Fairy Snow" (Playtcodon grandiflorus). This perennial will form unique balloon-shaped buds that open into large 5 pointed lobed, 3-inch bell-shaped white flowers with blue veins. Emerging in late spring and blooming in summer forming a compact mound of green foliage, with a flower height of 10 inches and a spread of 18 inches. Long-lived but dislikes being moved once established. Grows best in full sun to partial shade, enjoying average to moist, well-drained soil. Zones 3-8

NSAGC Annual Plant Giveaway Additional Plant(s) Order Form


Order payment can be sent via cheque or money order. All cheques or money orders must be made payable to the Nova Scotia Association of Garden Clubs and can be mailed to:

Geoff MacDonald
5446 Highway 354
Gore, NS
B0N 1P0

Notification will be sent via email within 48 to confirm receipt of your order and/or payment. District directors will receive filled club orders for their territory at the April 30th board meeting and will make arrangements with their clubs for pickup/delivery.

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