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The NSAGC Outstanding Member’s Award is a club orientated award, to recognize a member’s endeavours and activities within the club and community. The District Directors will hold the certificates and clubs should email the particulars (Club name and recipient’s name) to the Directors when requesting a certificate.


  1. Each club may award one certificate per year.
  2. Member(s) may be selected by a club vote or a committee vote.
  3. The criteria (if any) for this award will be determined by the club.
  4. Certificate can be presented to the winner at a club meeting or district meeting, as determined by the club.
  5. Clubs should advise their District Director when these certificates will be awarded.
  6. District Director will forward the names of winners to the NSAGC Awards Chair for recognition at the convention and to the Newsletter Editor for inclusion in newsletter.

To open, fill in name and print form for "Oustanding Member" click "HERE"