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Nova Scotia Association of Garden Clubs (NSAGC) "Outstanding Member Awards"

The NSAGC Outstanding Gardener’s Award has been retired and replaced by the Outstanding Member’s Award for each club.

The requirements include:

  1. Each club may select only one member per year to receive this award.
  2. The member is selected by a club vote.
  3. The criteria (if any) will be determined by the club, but guidelines for the former Outstanding Gardener’s Award (below) may be used to determine the winner.
  4. Certificates will be available from the NSAGC District Director or directly from the web site ( under the Outstanding Members Award button.
  5. Certificates can be presented to the winners at a club meeting or District Meeting, as determined by the club/district.
  6. Names of winners are to be forwarded to the NSAGC for inclusion in newsletter and recognition at Convention.

Selection Guidelines

The following activities could be considered when making a selection:

Gardening Activities: growing a variety of flowers (annual/perennial), container gardening, bulbs, herbs, roses, tender perennials, veggies, trees and/or shrubs, houseplants, fruit (tree/ground crops), starting seeds (annuals/perennials/vegetable), breeding/propagation, organic gardening, composting, pond or water gardening and any other gardening related accomplishments.

Club Activities: Holds/held office recently, lectures/demonstrates at club meetings, plant sales (committee/provides material/assists on site), flower shows (committee/exhibits/enters/ wins/places), holds tours (members/other clubs/public) and any other specific club activities or club committees.

District/NSAGC Activities: attends District meetings, lectures/demos at meetings, assists on committee, attends convention, lecture/demo at convention, assists on convention committee, NSAGC Board member and NSAGC judge.

Community Relations: speaks in public on gardening topics, conducts workshops on behalf of the club, youth/adult gardening programs, community gardens, floral arrangements for community, holds tours/open gardens and any other community related functions or activities relevant to the club.

To open, fill in name and print form for "Oustanding Member", click "HERE For PDF Version" or "HERE For RTF Version"