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Welcome to the NSAGC Judges Corner. Here you will find answers and suggestions to the many questions posed by gardeners and show committees in reference to how judges interpret and judge horticultural exhibits.

If you have a question or feel a point of clearification is required, send an email to NSAGC Judges Corner with all pertinent information as it is known along with your question. Our NSAGC Master Judges panel will review your information and provide an NSAGC Official response. Your question and our judges response will be uploaded as indicated below.


Question 1. Last year at our Flower & Vegetable Show, an NSAGC judge stated that Bee Balm (Monarda) displayed in an "Herb" Class should be judged on the condition of its foliage and that the flower, if any, should not be considered. This year two Bee Balm exhibits, one with flower, one without, were entered. This years' judge selected the one with the flower over the one without flower (flower head was removed by the exhibitor) although the non-flowered specimen had much, much better foliage and stem conditions. What is the correct way to judge Bee Balm in an Herb class?

Answer 1. Since it is primarily the leaves of this plant that are used as an herb, leaves should take precedence and the majority of points should be awarded for leaf condition. Another possible fix for this problem is to specify "no blooms" in the Show Schedule for the Class.