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How to Join a Member Club of NSAGC: There are close to 50 Garden Clubs from one end of the province to the other, locate your home on the provincial map to determine what district you are in and click on that district to obtain contact information for the District Director who will put you in contact with a local club or in some cases more then one club. Most club membership dues are very reasonable, between $5 and $10 per year.


How to Start a New Club in My Community: This process is as complicated as you wish to make it. Most clubs have begun with a few keen gardeners who set up a public meeting and invite as many gardeners in the area to start a club. Set up an executive, a name for the club, set a meeting place and time and your off. See fact sheet on starting a Garden Club for further details.

Information on starting a new garden club can be found here.


How Does My Club Join the NSAGC?  If your garden club resides in Nova Scotia, and wishes to become a member of the Nova Scotia Association of Garden Clubs (NSAGC), Please e-mail with the following information.

1. Name of your club
2. Number of members
3. President’s & Secretary’s Name, Address, Phone Number & E-mail address

Your club will be contacted by the NSAGC treasurer who will advise your club on where to mail your membership fee. The fee payable to the Nova Scotia Association of Garden Clubs is $4.00 for each member in your club, fees are due by March 1st of each year.

Some of the benefits of being a NSAGC member: